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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD and SSDI) is an insurance program YOU fund through your contributions to Social Security out of your weekly pay. If you become totally disabled and cannot work, you may be eligible for Disability benefits or alternatively, you may be eligible for other Social Security benefits. To qualify for Social Security benefits, generally you must prove by objective medical evidence that you are disabled. A “disability” may be a physical impairment, a mental impairment, an emotional impairment or a combination. This impairment must be severe enough to keep you from sustaining any “gainful” employment for at least twelve (12) consecutive months. To receive these benefits, you must show with medical evidence that you are unable to perform any regular paying job available. We will represent you throughout the process. Once you initially file, you may contact our office and we can be appointed as your representative, and begin the job of collecting medical records, and other evidence to utilize in the Social Security Case to demonstrate your need for the benefits. We will personally collect your medical records; prepare exhibits for Social Security and utilize all information we can gain on your behalf. Many times doctors will sign off on what is more commonly called “medical source statements,” but he must know the severity of the impairments that you have. We will present your case in a light most favorable to you and your claim prior to the hearing in the first two (2) stages of Social Security Disability, and will represent you at that hearing itself. Most claims are denied on the initial application. The appeals process involves compiling information, preparing documentation and filing medical “exhibits” (often in an electronic format) and can be complicated and difficult. Even though you can proceed on your own toward appeal and application at this stage of the process, YOU will greatly increase your chances of success by hiring a competent, experienced, social security attorney. After any denial of your claim, specific time limits apply and specific forms must be filed within these time limits to preserve your appeal. Your failure to obtain proper advice and representation could result in the loss of benefits. We represent disability claimants on a contingency fee system, which means that we earn our fees only when we are successful. We have represented Social Security appeals and claims for over thirty (30) years in the reconsideration and hearing stages. If YOU have been denied in your application for Social Security Disability, Social Security Income or other benefits contact us by e-mail or call our office at 855-257-3216 for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your appeal. We will answer your questions, discuss the best options for handling your case and represent you through the appeals process.  

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