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“Your family is your most precious asset.”

“Let our experience work for you when it matters most.”

When YOU are involved in a family law case, when it is your home — your family — or your children’s best interests — that are at stake, we can offer honest, straightforward answers, the highest confidentiality, and our experience during negotiations and hearings. In divorce, custody, support, modification and contempt proceedings, emotions are always involved and each case is unique and personal. We understand how very important this type of case is to our clients. The connections of parties to their children, to each other and even to material items make it crucial to have an Attorney who will advise You with candor as to the law and what may or may not be able to be accomplished. Negotiation with opposing Counsel or parties is more effectively accomplished by an experienced attorney. YOU have certain rights in a domestic proceeding. We can explain your rights and counsel you on the most effective way to handle your case. We realize that in domestic cases, we are representing our clients in the very important area of family matters and will respect and value the trust you have placed in us. We will proceed in your best interest in all such matters and listen to your concerns. Contactus to discuss your options in a FREE CONSULTATION. If  YOU are contemplating divorce, if your spouse is seeking a divorce, if you have custody, modification, support or visitation issues. We will answer your questions, and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the matter with you. Our office has represented hundreds of domestic clients in divorce, custody, support, visitation, paternity, guardianship, adoption and other matters for over thirty-nine (39) years.  This includes “non-contested” divorces, agreed modifications, uncontested adoptions or guardianships which can often be handled for a “set fee” and concluded without the necessity of court appearances. As a trial attorney, Mr. Bench’s expertise also extends to “contested” matters in custody, Father’s rights, paternity, contempt, visitation and related  issues. Our office represents non-custodial parents in actions against them by a Prosecuting Attorney’s Office or Welfare Department for child support. We also have extensive experience in cases involving children in need of services (CHINS) petitions. Our office also handles adoptions and guardianships. Once again, these matters can often times be completed on a “non-contested” basis with appropriate consents, affidavits and petitions for a set fee, plus expenses. We do, however, have experience in contested adoptions and guardianships. Your best interest is always our primary goal in proceeding toward resolution of these matters. In all cases, we can and will  proceed toward litigation aggressively and competently when necessary, but often can enable resolution through negotiation and mediation.

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