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Our office also represents clients, both business and individual in Plaintiff and Defendant civil litigation. If YOU are sued over a debt, loan or other matter, if you wish to collect a debt due from another, if you have a workers’ compensation claim, or if claim is filed against you in any type of civil proceeding including car accidents, we can assist. Oftentimes simple correspondence can settle some civil matters, while others require legal proceedings, mediation or trial. We are experienced in all of the above, will represent you aggressively and can offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION regarding your claim or defense. You need an experienced trial attorney who can effectively represent you in all phases of your civil litigation. Call our office  to meet with us and discuss your options. If you have debts owed to you personally, or to your business, Bench Law Office can pursue these debts; file an action for you; obtain a judgment on your behalf and file for hearings to collect your debts. Contact Us

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