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YOU have certain guaranteed rights under our Federal and State constitutions. When you call us, we will not only explain those rights, but if we represent you, we will make sure those rights are protected throughout any criminal proceeding. YOU really are innocent until proven guilty. Our defense practice consists of representation of both Felony and Misdemeanor charges, in all Counties in the State of Indiana and the Federal Courts. If YOU are charged with a Felony or Misdemeanor; charged or indicted in Federal Court; or faced with a “drunk driving” charge (including habitual offender charges) you are facing severe penalties and serious consequences including Jail and/or Prison time; Home Detention; Lengthy Probation; Forfeiture of Certain Property or loss of civil rights; Loss of Driving Privileges or 90-day to lifetime suspension and fines and Court costs. Talk to an Attorney, we will aggressively try to obtain the best outcome of your case. Stuart T. Bench has successfully defended clients against a wide range of criminal offenses, including but not limited to, most of all those set forth in the Indiana Code. This includes:

  • Major felonies(murder; attempted murder; drug possession, sale, manufacturing or trafficking of controlled substances; child molestation and sexual misconduct crimes)
  • Property crimes (robbery; theft; receiving stolen property)
  • Conditional crimes (battery, domestic battery; disorderly conduct)
  • Public indecency; indecent exposure; bond reduction; prostitution

Including a substantial practice in all traffic-related offenses:

  • Driving while suspended
  • OWI (Operating Under the Influence)
  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence), drunk driving and habitual traffic offender

Mr. Bench has also represented various clients in post-conviction matters.

  • Post-Conviction Relief
  • Petitions for Modification of Sentence
  • Petition for Early Release
  • Criminal Appeals

In addition, Mr. Bench has represented numerous clients before the Indiana Court of Appeals, and the Indiana Supreme Court, proceeding with appeals. YOU should never answer, plead or respond to a criminal charge without competent and experienced representation. If you have been charged with a crime, indicted by a Grand Jury, have been arrested or if you know you are under investigation for any conduct which could be considered as a criminal charge, retaining an attorney as early as possible is very important. YOU have the right to have an Attorney present at all proceedings, including any statements, or questioning by police, investigators or prosecutors. Contact us regarding any questions at  [email protected]. If you are under such investigation or feel you could be in the near future, please contact us immediately. Initial consultations are available and we can discuss some of these matters over the phone. Call us NOW at 855-257-3216 for a free initial consultation regarding your rights. The sooner an Attorney can begin work on your case, the better in reference to criminal matters. Investigation is often needed and witnesses or other persons can be contacted early. In addition, a competent and aggressive Attorney can keep you from making the mistakes that could directly affect the result of your criminal proceeding. You have guaranteed rights under the United States Constitution, the Indiana Constitution or the Constitution in force and effect in your particular state. Advise the police officer, prosecutor or investigator of your intent to exercise all of the rights guaranteed to you, including your right to remain silent and have an Attorney present during questioning. Talking early to police officers may significantly affect your ability to challenge evidence in the future through Motions to Suppress and Motions to exclude certain evidence or statements. No matter what a police officer tells you, your rights under the constitution apply in all circumstances. Never agree to allow a police officer to search a car, or your home. In most instances (there are exceptions) a police officer must have probable cause, and a search warrant in order to search your vehicle, or home. You do not have to agree, and in most all circumstances, refusing is the best way to go. The same is true in drunk driving cases. Once you are pulled over, the officer will ask you questions. The only thing you are responsible to give is your name, ID or driver’s license, registration to the vehicle and perhaps insurance papers. Outside of that, you have no obligation to provided different information to the police. If they remove you from the car, or do not allow you to leave after you have been stopped, you are technically “in custody,” and your rights definitely apply. ou do not have to take a chemical test when offered (but you must weigh this against the fact that a “refusal” will result in a suspension of your license for one (1) year), and you do not have to do field sobriety tests. You can refuse field sobriety tests and portable breath tests without penalty. For people who have never before been arrested or faced criminal charges, it can be a very frightening experience. Do your best to stay calm, and call an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An investigation or arrest is not a conviction. Exercise YOUR RIGHTS, and have your attorney defend YOU and talk to the police and prosecutors. Contact Us

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