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We at Bench Law Office take charges of operating while intoxicated; driving under the influence; or “drunk driving” very seriously.  You have a lot a stake if in fact you are arrested, and charged with drunk driving.

Drunk driving charges can contain a number of other charges also.  They can be filed as a misdemeanor, or in some cases if you have priors, as a felony.  Other charges will also be filed in most cases.

Bench Law Office handles drunk driving cases throughout the State of Indiana.  Our office is centrally located just on the Southside of Downtown Indianapolis.

It is always good to have an experienced criminal, and drunk driving lawyer on your side.  An experienced DUI attorney understands the law, and understands the process which must be utilized before you can be arrested and charged.

If you are given a test for alcohol (whether a “field sobriety test”; certified chemical test; or blood draw), certain requirements must be met for those test results to be entered into evidence.  If these were not administered in compliance with the regulations and laws, you can even argue that the test should not be used in court, and often times it may be suppressed.

DUI and drunk driving cases, can also be charged, if a police officer finds probable cause to believe that you were under the influence of another narcotic, or some type of drug which impaired your driving sufficiently that you were a danger to yourself, or other persons.  Once again, blood tests, or other tests can be ordered by the police department to determine if you had any such drugs in your system, and what the level of such usage was.  Again, there are certain requirements which the police department must follow, before these results can be admissible into evidence.  A discussion with an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney is necessary for any defendant.  You may call Bench Law Office, and we will discuss your case initially on the phone, or set an appointment so that you can be sure that your rights are not being violated.